CelsiStrip® / CS-D

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CelsiStrip® / CS-D
CelsiStrip® / CS-D supports the following degrees: 166°C (331°F) / 171°C (340°F) / 177°C (351°F) / 182°C (360°F) / 188°C (370°F) / 193°C (379°F) / 199°C (390°F) / 204°C (399°F)
The range between 40°C (105F) and 260C (500°F) is divided in five or eight temperature level groups. Thickness 0.3 mm (0.012 inch). 8 level series are available in a normal temperature spacing and in a wide temperature spacing where each second level is eliminated. Printed in °C and °F. Available in booklets (folder) with 10 identical rated labels, or on reels each 1000 pieces. $24.50/ Folder of 10 Price on request for reels
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